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  • AirGroupLLC is worst company, cheating company!!! There has been a problem with my furnace for a while. I called Air Group (wrong decision!) and they sent a technician a few days later. He spent an hour and half doing diagnosis and could not locate the problem. He told me the problem could be either with thermostat or circuit board. But I still need to pay 140 dollars for this failed diagnosis. I was not happy but asked what more he can do to fix the problem. He said he needs new thermostat and new circuit board to locate the problem, and he went out to get those. After half hour, he came back and did testing. He told me the problem is with circuit board and gave me the quote of 861 dollars for replacing the board including labor. He stayed for another hour to install the circuit board. One hour of labor cost 100 dollars so they actually charged 761 dollars for the board. I did not know anything about the price of circuit board at that moment and agreed which turned out to be a big mistake. After technician left, I looked up in the internet and called a few other contractors who are able to fix this issue. The price of this circuit board is actually no more than 300 dollars. They more than doubled the price. I called them and asked them to refund me some money. The manager named Gary is very rude and told me as long as I agreed the quote there is nothing he can do. They said they don’t care if I or anyone else would like to use their service again. Their only purpose is to find the next victim. Never call this company, overcharging and greedy is the sticker on their face. Do not trust any positive review about this company, they are all created by their own employees. Find an independent qualified local contractor. They can do anything that Air Group LLC can do.
    By David S.
  • Mason was a great help and answered all my questions. We had no problems the 2 days we decided to stay.
    By Teara H.
  • I called 8 months ago after my first clean to ask that they not fill up the bathtub in the master bathroom because it needs to be re-caulked. They didn't listen and it created a huge leak. They never offered to pay a dime. The next time they came, I called before the team arrived and told the person on the phone to contact the team and tell them no water in the master tub. When I got home, there was a leak. Complained again... Again, no relief. Literally two weeks ago, 8 months later, they finally sent a team where someone spoke english and told me there was no note on the house to not fill the master bath... yet i had called and spoke to the customer service professional at least 15 times. They never cleaned the base boards (were supposed to do so every 6 weeks) so there were spider webs easily visible on the boards around the home. They didnt clean under the furniture, yet that was guaranteed by contract. When they ruined something, there was NEVER a refund, and when I called to complain about the service there was NEVER a free touch-up cleaning to take care of the problems, yet those were guaranteed too. The thing to remember is that they knew from day one there were issues. The service woman at Molly maid's solution was for me to point out everything to the staff so they could clean the things that were the problem. First of all, their staff rarely has someone that speaks english with them, and 2, why do I need to point out the issues? WHy cant the staff just clean in the manner that was guaranteed in the contract? If they cleaned the base boards every six weeks i wouldnt have to point out where the spider webs are. If they cleaned the granite counter tops with more than a wipe of a towel, they would feel the sticky coating that they never once cleaned, etc. After 8 months of biweekly complaints the owner calls finally... and says instead of doing what they are contractually obliged to do, he would prefer to cancel the contract and walk away. When I ask him how he plans to compensate me for the 8 months of fees they have taken while I have NEVER had a cleaning that didnt result in an immediate complaint... he had no reply, just hung up... I wouldnt use this Midtown / Galleria Molly Maid if it were the last cleaning service on the planet. Unless, of course you want things broken, rooms flooded, dust balls under the furniture, spider webs at every corner of your home, then this company is for you.
    By alfred_h