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  • Bottom line: They're not entirely terrible...if they like you.

    For the price you cannot beat them. Their office staff seems very competent and kind. HOWEVER, some weeks they may decide not to collect all of your bags because they decided it was too much (even if it's the same amount as always). Also, this week they did not collect any of our waste because it was "too far from the curb to be collected." We've been placing it in the same location for months. I took a picture...I would post it if I could. We live on a VERY busy road (Park Avenue W. - downtown). At the curb there is about 16 inches of uneven grass, then a sidewalk, and then a parking space. We have always put it to the edge of the parking as not to block the sidewalk or have the cans blow over into the road. After calling to ask why things were not collected I was told they will only collect waste from "the island" from now on. I can only assume the island means the grass strip. So, sorry all downtown traffic...a stiff breeze could toss our waste into your path. Also, I'll mention that this is especially frustrating as this collection was left two days before a holiday where we are entertaining large amounts of guests over multiple days without any empty trash cans. So, I guess you get what you pay for. If you want erratic - sometimes obstinante - service that is inexpensive and often sufficient this company will meet your needs. If reliability and consistency are important to you...look elsewhere. Trash Masters, if you read this, perhaps next time you'll consider collecting the waste you were already paid to collect and then consider contacting us with new requests.

    ***Was able to add photo after posting.

    *****Update: The week after posting my initial review I placed (as carefully as possible) our waste on "the island." Within two hours a full can had blown over into the road. I (in the middle of the night) went out, collected it, and set it again. Then, at about 6am, an empty can was blown into the road and destroyed by a passing car.

    This week I just put the waste in the driveway. They chose not to collect it all. Apparently eight 30 gallon bags is a more subjective measurement than I thought it to be. I think it's time to start shopping around :(
    By Jon D.
  • We went there specifically to get my daughter fitted for a new pair of point shoes. They were extremely knowledgeable and patient. Yoli and Lizzie were great! They also had a nice selection of point shoes to choose from. Cute clothes, hair accessories and bags too!
    By Claudine B.
  • The sandwiches are great! The people who are helping are vey courteous and efficient. Will recommend it.
    By Lorelei P.