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  • I went To the mcdonalds today and there just down right nasty the one guy that works there took two trash cans out the front door through the lobby instead out the back door in the middle of him taking out the trash he was sticking his hands down his pants the he went out the front door and emptied the cans and then came back into the store then he went straight to the back without washing his hands and went to the freezer got a box of hamburger meat opened it up touched the plastic bag and put it in the freezer and then went over and started touching the bun toaster then went back out to the lobby took more trash out and went back in still didn't was his hands the line cooks don't wear gloves and everyone touches there face hair ect. Then goes back to what they where doing I'm not ever going back to that nasty place if you ask me they need to be closed down the owner don't care they already failed inspections for having bugs in the drinks and food I believe all of this needs to be brought out and everyone needs to know this and stop going there before someone gets sick.....
    By Dennis D.
  • Office is modern and beautiful. Staff was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Dr. - friendly, caring, answered all my questions, very experienced, thorough, and had modern, high tech equipment and computer records. I'd recommend him to anyone.
    By long3216
  • I called several times to get an appointment. No one answered and no one returned my calls. The voicemail picks up every time.
    By Kathy W.