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  • Waiter was so rude and inconvenienced by us eating there! I've never felt so unwelcome in my life! I'll never be back!
    By Sara W.
  • Let me start by saying that my family have been loyal (at least 1 a month) customers for almost 40 years. We have noticed a steady decline in the food quality and rising prices over the last several years.

    To continue on the previous review's theme, you'll have to wait and they don't care. A couple of days ago, I called in an order at 4:55pm and was told it would be 30min. I arrived 35min later and was told my order was almost ready. Almost 20min later, they said they were packing up the last of my order. When I complained to the owner, he didn't care. He said they were very busy (4-5 occupied tables) and there was nothing he could do. I didn't feel it was worth spending almost $60 on 4 dishes to be treated this way so I left and went to another local Chinese restaurant. I ordered the same dishes, paid $40 and was on my way home in less than 15 min.

    They obviously don't care about our business so we won't be back.
    By Steph T
  • My first Experience and probably my last. Dropped my trailer off for Brake repairs at Noon on Thursday September 29. Getting Grinding noise. Never called me with any results. So I called them on Friday Sept. 30 at 1:10. No results yet. Called me back with results at 4:41 on friday. Told me brakes were fine and everything is good. Just need new seals and bearings packed. They did not give me a price for doing the work but said they can't do it till Monday. Monday comes and goes no call. Tuesday comes and I called At 11:00 am. Now 4 days later plus the weekend. 6 days total. The said it would be done by 1:00 p.m. Good thing I called or it might not be done. Still no price quote and they said it could be my truck. Arrive at 2:00 p.m. and the looked at my truck and immediately said my truck is not sending a signal to the trailer to brake. Told me he could look at it if I have an hour and it would cost $89.95 to look at it. Told him to go ahead. Now 3 p.m. said i need a trailer brake controller. Showed me the bill for $265 and I said go ahead. 3 hours later my truck was done. My bill was now $530 He never showed me the bill for the trailer, the $265 was just for the controller and I was deceived. To pack four bearings and 1 Brake control. They charged me $13 a piece for seals that cost $4 each, and $180 for labor. They charged me $108 for a Brake Force brake controller that you can get at walmart for $37. and $140 for labor to hook up the four wires and 2 screws. The only reason it took 3 hours to put in was because they had to wait for the controller to be delivered. They were very nice people but do not know how to get a first time customer to return. To make me feel better He charged me $495. If they think $60 in parts and $400 in labor is fair, they need to rethink their business practices. You can't triple the price for parts and labor and think its right. The work itself to no longer than 1.5 hours. I won't be back and they lost very good potential customer.
    By Bruce D.