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  • I got potato soup today, like I usually do when I go to Atlanta bread... And it was horrible! Tasted like plastic and the potatoes were not done! I also asked for extra cheese, I didn't even get one thing of cheese and they charged me for it! I'm a little angry considering my wife is sick and she has been asking for soup for 3 days.
    By Benjamin B.
  • This Salon has a very wrong notion that they are a NY salon. Their prices are outrageous and if you are not happy with your service and tell them the owners will just tell you not to come back. They are all about sales, and not about what is right for the customer and put the customer's needs 2nd to sales. I would say don't bother, you will end up regretting your decision in going there. NOT WORTH IT
    By davidp
  • This post has been removed
    By mrpatterson